A tradition and passion for chocolate

The history of Sorini begins in Castelleone in 1915 through the initiative of Dr Fausto Sorini, a pharmacist, who created the sweet called “Rabarbaro” or “rhubarb”. Afterwards he added the production of quince jam and fruit syrups followed by typical confectionary products such as sweets, dragées and jams.

Boasting the most modern technology and the knowledge accumulated during its almost one hundred year history, the company has kept faith with the principles of its founder and continues the successful policy of marrying quality with the best price. 
As a result, the international market has opened up to the Sorini brand, so much so, that more than 50 countries around the world now consume and enjoy the delicious chocolates produced in Castelleone, in all their forms and in the flavours demanded by its vast clientele.

Today Sorini which is now a limited company focussed primarily on chocolate production, has a staff of 300 employees on a 110,000 sq.m. covered site. .

The Chcocolate of the Month

Gran Mousse

Delicious milk chocolate with a filling of soft hazelnut cream and a whole hazelnut in the heart… for a unique and enchanting taste. Biting Great Mousse is a real discovery for the palate; first of all the cream that hugs him and then the whole hazelnut that seduce, and you immediately want to eat another one!

Great mousse can be found in packs of 250 g. practice to always keep on hand and in 1 kg bag, to never run out!

The Chcocolate of the Month: Gran Mousse

san valentino

Valentine’s Day

For the most romantic day of the year, Sorini becomes even sweeter.
With the heartshaped packaging tin, the heart greetings, and many other kinds of boxes, you can impress people you love and make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.


Father’s Day

For the “gourmet” dad, here’s the greatest gift: a stash of Sorini’s chocolates! That will make them happy!
The sweetness of gift boxes and bags, full of delicious specialties. What a temptation! Give him the traditional Gianduiotti and Cremini or Dark King chocolates, and celebrate your father’s day with him!


Mother’s Day

To prove your love there is nothing better than a sweet gift. Every mom will appreciate your thoughts.
Choose between the elegant tin gift box or the colored boxes full of smooth chocolates, among many assortments of Sorinettes or juicy candies. You will definitely find the gift that your mother will love.



The chocolate Easter Eggs of Sorini are truly irresistible with their smooth milk and dark chocolate and their variety of colors. Every child will be happy to receive it, and break it open to enjoy it with his family. There is a great variety of eggs with different flavors for adults and children. Some of our specialties include delights such as Chocoboom eggs and fruit eggs; it’s time to taste and discover them all!




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